Lauren Conrad Calls Out 'Allure' for Labeling Her a 'Basic B*tch'

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Laguna Beach/The Hills star Lauren Conrad is definitely aware that Allure magazine thinks she's a "basic b*tch."

After the magazine came out with a humorous feature called "Typecasting" -- which for example labeled Vanessa Hudgens as the "Bohemian Hippie" -- LC took to Twitter to point out her "Basic" label.

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The term "basic b*tch" has been written about and parodied on the Internet by everyone from College Humor to New York Magazine's The Cut, which defines a "basic bi*tch" as "a terminally boring Sex and the City viewer and consumer of pumpkin-spice lattes."

Or as Urban Dictionary likes to call it, "one who has no personality; dull and irrelevant" and "just an extra regular female."

"Made famous by Kreayshawn, and viral by YouTube, the Basic woman is remarkably unremarkable. What's noteworthy about her style is its very plainness. Except to her. She swears those red soled shoes are cutting edge," Allure wrote beneath a picture of LC.


Luckily, LC had a sense of humor about the feature, which described the hairstyle of the "Basic" woman as a "blowout or sausage curls."

Interestingly enough, LC has landed the cover of Allure magazine multiple times.

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... So does that make Allure the "basic bi*tch" of magazines?