Did Cara Delevingne Wear Fur to Leonardo DiCaprio's Wildlife Fundraiser?!

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Model Cara Delevingne is no stranger to controversy, but she outdid herself recently, when she reportedly attended Leonardo DiCaprio's A-list fundraiser gala in Saint Tropez last week in a rabbit fur jacket.

The problem?

DiCaprio's foundation's first-ever gala on July 23, 2014 was to benefit wildlife, and DiCaprio is a famous supporter of animal rights.

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According to Page Six, guests were "shocked" when the 21-year-old model took the stage in a fur coat alongside singer Robin Thicke.

"It was like, wait, this is an event for wildlife!" a source says.

Indeed, a picture of Cara attending the star-studded event shows her showing off her toned stomach in what appears to be a cropped fur jacket, which she paired with white shorts and black open-toed booties.

But though her choice of attire is highly questionable, Cara's status in the fashion world isn't.

The designer favorite -- and Selena Gomez's new bestie -- has a new high-profile gig as the face of Topshop's 2014 fall/winter campaign.

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She's also the first model ever to appear solo in a Topshop campaign.