Selena Gomez Rocks Some Almost Impossibly Short Shorts

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Former Disney star Selena Gomez rocked a punk-grunge look as she walked around Los Angeles on Thursday, and her denim shorts were, well, as short as they could possibly be without just being denim bikini bottoms.

From the top up, the 22-year-old sported a blue and red flannel button-down which, despite leaving a number of buttons undone, didn't show too much skin.

However, she made up for it by showing as much skin as is legally permissible when it came to the hips down. Her shorts left little to the imagination.

Gomez has been in the news recently as she may have been an integral component to the now-infamous feud between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom that culminated with Bloom allegedly taking a swing at Bieber at a café in Ibiza. Then again, it could all be Miranda Kerr's fault.

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According to rumors, Bieber first angered Bloom when he posted a picture of him and Bloom's now-ex-wife Kerr on Instagram. In supposed retaliation, Bloom was seen talking to Gomez a few months back.

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Long story short, as if you didn't know it already, Bloom, 37, and Bieber, 20, ended up in the same star-studded café in Ibiza, Spain and eventually Bloom supposedly tried to hit Bieber, missed, then everyone walked away.

Gomez has since stressed that she is absolutely in no way responsible for or even tangentially related to the feud. On the other hand, what about that single photo she took with Bloom that one time?

What do you think of her short-shorts: Hit or Miss?

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