Why Kevin Hart, Joe Jonas & Matt Kemp Are The Best Dressed Men in Hollywood


Kevin Hart, Joe Jonas, and Matt Kemp are some of the best dressed men on social media and we're spotlighting their fashionable photo moments. Take a few tips from their impressive everyday style the next time you are shopping for a guy.

Kevin Hart gives the clean cut urban vibe in his wardrobe. He always stands to impress in his designer clothes whether he's rocking jeans or a suit. His tailored shirts always look polished because they are buttoned to the  collar and his crew neck tees fit his body perfectly.  It takes a stylish man to wear jewelry and Hart's chain is the finishing detail that brings his outfits together.

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Joe Jonas' style is for the guy who likes to mix and match. He loves to wear a heavy knit sweater under his favorite leather jacket. He commits to a trend and knows how to add his own personal flare. One moment he'll be wearing a graphic tee and the next he'll step out in a plaid suit. Jonas understands and appreciates fashion and it is represented in his wide variety of outfits.

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Matt Kemp has a towering athletic physique yet his style is simple enough for any body type to pull off.  He loves to wear basic items, like a fitted tee or cardigan, that give a nice clean appearance. Rolled cuff pants and collared shirts are his signature pieces and he'll pop on a hat to finish the look. Kemp has a relaxed style that is effortlessly on trend.

Check out the video for more on these fashion forward men!