6 Times Beyonce Showed Us How to Wear A Crop Top


In the past couple of days, Beyonce been baring her belly in a slew of Instagram posts that feature the trendy crop top-- but this isn't Mrs. Carter's first time rocking this style statement. If you ever thought a crop top just wasn't for you, the Queen B is out to change your mind.

1. In her most recent midriff pic, she pairs her black ruffled sleeve crop top over both a skirt and pants -- and she pulls it off.

2. Now, the private jet may be hard to find to replicate this pic, but this fashion is fly. Beyonce pairs this sky-blue crop top with her gold necklaces to make it even more envy-worthy.

3. If you want your crop to make a statement, check out this white one that Bey pulls off with fringe. It even takes the attention away from her bunny ears.

4. When you're in the mood for more of a busy pattern, Beyonce has this look down as well. The crop is a gem in itself.

5. With another private jet behind her, Beyonce keeps it simple in this black and white shot. The classic black fitted crop fits well with her cheetah print pants and shoes, thus further showing that you don't need the top to do all the talking.

Okay, we admit, only Beyonce can probably pull this crop top off when paired with such a sexy skirt.

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Which crop do you think is tops?