Ashley Green Wins 'Sexiest Supermarket Shopper' Award

Splash News

The stunning star wore out a sexy black evening dress to buy groceries.

star Ashley Greene went shopping today in the kind of form-fitting, low-cut black dress usually reserved for lavish red carpet premieres or weirdly inappropriate funerals.

The 27-year-old actress donned the shockingly sexy attire for her trip to the local Bristol Farms grocery store in Los Angeles.

While Bristol Farms is on the high-end of the classiness spectrum when it comes to grocery shopping – along the lines of a Gelson's or a Whole Foods – it's not evening-wear classy. But in reality, whose complaining?

And it wasn't just the black dress, which had spaghetti straps that showed off the star's lovely shoulders, that made the whole ensemble feel unusually fancy. It was also the long, perfectly flowing brunette locks and massive old-Hollywood sunglasses.

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Who knows? Maybe she was on her way to a dinner party and needed to pick up two bags worth of snacks and drinks. Although, that begs an entirely different question: who brings reusable shopping bags to a dinner party?