Inside the Mind of a Celebrity Wedding Dress Designer


ET is with the queen of wedding dress designs, Vera Wang.

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Vera has designed wedding gowns for countless stars from Jessica Simpson to Kim Kardashian, so why do the stars gravitate toward her style? One key might be the seamless blend between traditional and modern trends.

"I think what we're known best for is celebrity dressing," Vera says. "I think on a wedding day, every woman is a celebrity to her public. That's why we devote so much care and effort towards creating these clothes."

While all of Vera's creations are made to make you look like a star, you don't necessarily have a star's bankroll to afford one. The White by Vera Wang fall collection includes pieces for far less than the $25k gowns worn by celebs. You can find the collection at David's Bridal.

"We're able to take clothing that is very high end and be able to translate that so that women everywhere can buy dresses that come directly from us," said Vera, who also has three ready-to-wear lines at Kohl's.

Watch the video to see Vera show us how she creates her gowns with a pair of scissors and no patterns.