Jennifer Lopez Looks Amazing in Shimmering Silver at the VMAs


At the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, Booty singer Jennifer Lopez stunned everyone on the red carpet in a super-sexy Charbel Zoe silver cut-out dress that showed a lot of skin, but still managed to make her look a little classy. 

Lopez, who turned 45 this past July, proved yet again that she is still one of the sexiest celebs to ever walk the red carpet. Unlike some stars, it wasn't just a matter of finding an angle that worked for her. Apparently, she looks good from every angle, and in every situation.

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Here she is from behind, showing off the curves that, along with her amazing voice, helped make her famous. She even has that sexy hair-covering-half-her-face look that is just stunning.

 Here, we get a better look at the waist-high slit in the front of her dress that showed off her super-toned dancer legs.

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 Walking the red carpet, J.Lo proves that she's more than just a pretty voice and a toned body, she's also attentive to her fans. The American Idol judge showed love to her admirers who are about to fall over a railing just to try and be close to the entertainer. 

She also got close with her fans on stage, where she introduced Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora's "Black Widow" performance.

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We just can't deny how amazing she looks.

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