The Stylist: Celebrities' Secret Weapon to Red Carpet Glam


We caught up with celebrity stylist Ashley Sean Thomas at Style PR showroom to gain some insight into the magic of dressing A-list stars.

Thomas has been styling for ten years and has worked with everyone from Iggy Azalea, Brandy, Nicki Minaj and even the Queen B.

“Beyoncé is great…She was much better than I had anticipated in my mind,” he says. “I thought she would be very rigid and cold and standoffish. But she's very warm, receptive. I had a great time with her.”

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Styling glamorous red carpet looks is not an easy task, and it takes everything from last minute outfit changes to numerous fittings.

“I think the bigger the carpet, the more the fittings,” he explains. “Oscars, Vanity Fair parties, stuff like that, you can go up to four fittings sometimes. I’ve done up to three for big events like that.”

Stylists have to see the look all the way through to the end and keep their tool kits handy to fix any fashion emergencies.

“You got to have a sewing kit, you’ve got to have double stick tape, you have to have a lent brush, a steamer, because you never know what could get wrinkled on the car ride over,” Thomas explains. “Those are the majors. Those are the essentials.”

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A great look is also dependent on cost. “You have to learn how to work with budgets. So, my first question would be, what’s your budget?” the fashion pro reveals.

In the end, a creative mind may be the most important tool to creating an unforgettable fashion moment.

“I think the special thing is creating a team with someone. When you’re connecting with another artist you have to connect on what their look is. What they want, what you want to get out of it and you know, it’s a fusion,” Thomas explains.

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