Paris Hilton Rocks Cute Hippie Ensemble That Would Fit Right In At Woodstock

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Is there some staging of the classic musical Hair that Paris Hilton is trying out for? Because she fits the bill perfectly.

Hilton was spotted at LAX today, getting off her plane looking like she had just taken a flight through time from the 1960s. In reality, she just came home from her well-documented trip to Dubai.

The famous socialite was sporting a pink, floor-length, floral print maxi-dress that absolutely screamed "Woodstock." Her long, long flowing dirty blond locks, pulled back with a headband, and huge round glasses completed the ensemble.

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The high-living heiress and occasional actor looked like she could have been right at home in the midst of a free love commune or a Grateful Dead concert.

On Friday, Hilton posted a photo to Instagram, of herself in a similarly hippie-inspired sea foam green maxi-dress, with the grand skyline of Dubai cutting into the sky behind her.


Paris in Dubai. ?

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Hilton was in Dubai to DJ
at the star-studded grand opening of Cle Dubai, a music and arts venue in the heart of the city.

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Whether or not you care about Hilton's fashion choices, you can't deny that her new puppy is insanely cute. Check out the video below for a look at Hilton's adorable little Pomeranian.

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