Taylor Swift and Amal Clooney Keep Wearing the Same Clothes

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Style twinsies!

Who knew Amal Clooney, 36, and Taylor Swift, 24, had such similar styles?

... And clearly, a love for designer Oscar de la Renta!

Amal arrived at Heathrow airport from Greece on Thursday, Oct. 16. -- where she's been working hard to help the country win back the Parthenon Marbles from the British Museum in London -- looking glamorous as ever in a gingham Oscar de la Renta pencil dress.

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But if there's a reason this dress looks familiar, it's because Taylor wore it first in May. Taylor sported the memorable piece in one of her much talked-about perfect post-gym appearances, and also paired it with a red purse just like George Clooney's bride.

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Though interestingly enough, this isn't the first time the stylish beauties have worn the same dress.

Amal turned heads in this printed red Oscar de la Renta dress exiting a hotel in Florence on Sept. 8.

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But once again, Taylor beat her to the punch on June 20, exiting a gym.

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Though given Amal and Taylor's similar willowy frames and glamorous, ladylike sensibilities, it's probably not all that surprising that the two are style twinsies despite a 12-year age difference.

That being said, who do you think looks best in Oscar de la Renta, Amal or Taylor?

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Check out the video below to see how Amal has already changed bridal fashion with her stunning-- you guessed it -- Oscar de La Renta wedding dress during her nuptials to George Clooney on Sept. 29 in Venice.