'Rich Kid' EJ Johnson Says Fall is All About #FurWeather


EJ Johnson made quite a splash when he first made a guest appearance on the inaugural season of #RichKids of Beverly Hills in early 2014 -- so much, in fact, that he inked an agreement to join the cast for season two. The son of famous athlete and entrepreneur Magic Johnson had an even bigger platform to flaunt his eclectic sense of style and larger than life personality.

"I think the best part is being with all my friends," he says of the E! reality series. "We're so close. We have so much fun together."

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The self-proclaimed fierce fashionista is also the author of the blog EJJohnsonStyle.com where he’s "taking on the fashion world by storm, one Birkin at a time!" So what trends does he plan to rock this fall?

"It'll be more combat boots and some more riding boots," he says. "So I have like the classic and also the grungy, edgy and chic."

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EJ tells us that he is also eagerly anticipating both #furweather and a #capemoment this winter.

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But before that, he’s cleaning out his closet for an entirely new wardrobe. The 22-year-old recently underwent gastric sleeve surgery-- a decision we saw him struggle with on #RichKids season one finale.

"I feel great," EJ said, now 50 pounds lighter. "The results are already showing so far even though I'm only like a month in... It's very exciting."

Watch the rest of our interview with EJ to find out which #RichKids cast member he'd choose to be stuck in Barney's with for 72 hours straight.

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