Rumer Willis On Plastic Surgery: 'If It's Going to Make Me Feel Better, I Won't Be Ashamed'

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Rumer Willis is all about the self-confidence these days.

The 26-year-old actress recently hosted a fashion party for plus-size clothing line Torrid in Los Angeles, where she talked to ETonline about everything from plastic surgery in Hollywood, to that photo shoot which had plenty people talking due to her visible ribs.

Especially timely given all the buzz around Renee Zellweger's drastically different new look and the constant scrutiny her seemingly ageless mother Demi Moore undergoes, Rumer offered this unique insight into people's obsession around plastic surgery.

"In Hollywood, I feel like there's a big stigma about hiding things -- but people aren't stupid," she said bluntly. "If all of a sudden you jump from being an A cup to like double D's, people know. I just think you have to be who you are and own it, and not be ashamed and feel like you have to apologize.”

VIDEO: Rumer Willis Show Off Major Skin (And Ribs!) In Fashion Shoot

However, she is quick to clear up any rumors about any work she's allegedly had done.

"I know there's something that came up recently about me getting plastic surgery and it's not true."

Though she made it clear that if she had indeed decided to go down that route, she wouldn't be ashamed of it.

"If I do want to do that -- If I want to get a boob job or change things about myself -- I'm not going to lie about myself," she stressed. "And if I choose to do something to myself, it's because I've thought about it. And if it's going to make me feel better, I won't be ashamed of the choices that I make."

Speaking of being open and honest, there's one thing Rumer is particularly bothered by -- a recent photoshoot for Franziska Fox's Spring/Summer 2015 lookbook that made plenty of headlines due to what appears to be her strikingly skinny frame.

"They took away the muscles from my arms and from my stomach, and you know, I'm really happy with my face and my body," she said. "And I've worked really hard to get these muscles and it didn't even look like me."

But Rumer said she has learned her lesson.

"I now know upfront that if a brand wants to work with me, then I have to be really clear that these are the acceptable rules and boundaries, and if you don't like that, then we can't work together," she explained. "Well, when they start Photoshopping your body and your face ... they like, completely changed how I look, so I'm like, "What? This doesn't make sense to me.'"

However, a now wiser Rumer, who looked super-chic in a form-fitting black suit by The Kooples, said that her own perception of herself is all that matters.

"At a certain point in my life, I just realized that I could either choose to allow other's people's idea of me to change my perspective of myself, or I could create my own perception of myself and have that be the only thing that matters," she said. "Not everyone's going to like you all the time. As long as I stay true to what I believe in, and the kind of morals and values that I want to put out in the world in the way that I want to represent myself, then it's all good."

The House Bunny star shared that it's Torrid's all-inclusive philosophy that led her to partner with the brand.

"I think no matter what size, shape you are, you know, gender, color ... you should have an equal opportunity and not be limited by your fashion choices in the way that you want to represent yourself," she said. "Some women feel sexiest in sweatpants, some feel amazing in a ballgown. You should be doing whatever makes you happy."

PHOTO: Rumer Willis Models a Three-Nipple T-Shirt

In August, Rumer's sister Talullah Willis, 20, boldly revealed her issues with body dysmorphia while at the same time stripping down to her bra and panties in a video for StyleLikeU.

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