Stylish Amal Clooney is Everyone's Favorite Halloween Costume

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Amal Clooney has already made a huge impact in the world of pop culture.

George Clooney's new bride is an obvious paparazzi favorite thanks to her impeccable style and photogenic looks, but now she's also become a favorite Halloween costume, hilariously serving as the inspiration behind multiple celebs' Halloween look this year.

After previously dressing up as everyone from a scantily-clad Nicki Minaj to a curvy Sofia Vergara, Ellen DeGeneres outdid herself this year, posing as Amal in her wedding dress. Her costume came complete with a George Clooney blow-up doll, and a pretty great replica of Amal's stunning Oscar de la Renta wedding dress.

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"I didn't even wear a wedding dress to my own wedding," she joked.

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Though all kidding aside, she took the time to praise the 36-year-old human rights lawyer.

"This might be my sexiest costume yet," she said. "Because what's sexier than a woman with a brain?"

Meredith Vieira also went as Amal on her own daytime talk show, rocking the same exact Stella McCartney pantsuit Amal wore in Venice on Sept. 29 after her civil ceremony wedding to George.

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With the dark wig and eyebrows, Vieira looks almost unrecognizable, no?

Lastly, Good Morning America anchor George Stephanopoulos was the George to his wife Alexandra Wentworth's Amal, during the NBC show's annual Halloween parade Friday morning. Wentworth appears to have made her very own version of Amal's show-stopping Giambattista Valli number on Sept. 28., and pretty much nailed it.

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Which celeb is your favorite version of Amal Clooney?

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