'Mindy Project' Fashion Recap: Danny Reads Mindy's Diary


This week's Mindy Project started off with a fashionable bang! Only Mindy could hilariously rock a pink sequin eye patch -- which perfectly matched her baby pink coat vest, naturally -- after Danny accidentally kicks her in the face when she tickled him in bed.


But it turns out the head-turning accessory was just a ploy on Mindy's part to guilt trip Danny into staying at her apartment for the night, since the two are constantly hanging out at Danny's place.

Though fans had to see this was coming -- the first real crack in the Mindy/Danny relationship, which has been going pretty much smoothly for all of season three. While it seems Mindy is ready to take the next step in their relationship, the divorced Danny is predictably much more hesitant.

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But Mindy's plan for a romantic night-in with Danny is foiled when she's forced to mentor students at the hospital, which brings us to our next amazing outfit -- Mindy's hipster red plaid Equipment shirt paired with a Genetic denim overall dress.


Meanwhile, as Danny is left to his own devices in Mindy's apartment, he accidentally finds her diary, and of course, he just can't help himself. The diary reveals that Mindy has actually been crushing on Danny for years before they started dating, and also the bombshell that if he doesn't propose by Christmas, she might have to break up with him.

In a flashback to a moment when Mindy thinks Danny is proposing to her, she sports an adorable strawberry-print Equipment blouse with red lace Stylestalker shorts, pulled together with a denim jacket and red booties.

Strawberries and shorts at our night shoot on New York Street #themindyproject

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The proposal talk predictably freaks out Danny, despite both Morgan and Jeremy pointing out that because Danny and Mindy have known each other for seven years, expecting a marriage proposal after seven months of dating is not "all that crazy."

... Besides, who can turn down Mindy when she's sporting adorable office outfits like this surprisingly affordable JOA top ($32) and this custom pink pencil skirt?!

Custom made pink skirt @salvadorperezcostumes designed! #themindyproject

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After Mindy resolves her hospital drama by mentoring a promising student, she comes home to a confrontational Danny -- who hilariously got Jeremy, a licensed calligrapher, to forge her entire diary after he accidentally ruined it -- who disappointingly bails on her when she asks him if he wants to stay over or leave.

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Thankfully, he realizes the error of his ways pretty quickly, and comes back to her apartment, though the two are still fighting over who gets to sleep on the right side of the bed.

But the crack in their relationship still feels unresolved, and we'll have to wait and see if Mindy and Danny will last the season.