Snooki Is Down to 99 Pounds Just Two Months After Giving Birth


Just because she gave birth less than two months ago, doesn't mean Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is slacking on her workout routine.

The 26-year-old Jersey Shore star is now down to a tiny 99 pounds, her trainer Anthony Michael tells E! News in a new interview.

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"It's not even been seven weeks since she gave birth and she's already down to 99 pounds," he reveals. He also clarifies that though Snooki's weight may seem too low for some, the number is actually "perfectly healthy" for the 4'8" star because she's "so little."

According to Michael, Snooki's diet includes decreasing her carbs and "reducing calorie intake" overall.

She's also, of course, hitting the gym hardcore, doing high intensity interval training.

"It's about spiking the heart rate," Michael explains. "We're also doing plyometrics, cardio, etc. Right now it's all really geared for weight loss, then she wants to focus on lean muscle mass once she's married."

Snooki's Great Gatsby-themed nuptials to Johnny LaValle are scheduled to take place Nov. 29 in New Jersey, and the already-slim star took to Instagram Monday to show off her hard work at the gym.

"Trying to build up my arm strength back!!!! #2monthspostpartum," she wrote.

Snooki raised eyebrows in October, when she showed off a full-body selfie of herself looking super-slender just 12 days after giving birth to her second child, daughter Giovanna Marie LaValle.

"I can fit in jeans again!!!" she wrote.

I can fit in jeans again!! ❤️

Una foto publicada por NICOLE? (@snookinic) el

But though her weight loss may be healthy now, this wasn't always the case. Snooki opened up about her struggle with anorexia in high school during a segment that aired during her stint on Dancing with the Stars last year.

"Cheerleading was my life in high school but it wasn't always easy for me," she said. "I started to be anorexic. ... And I was like, my spot as a flier is going to get taken away. So I ended up starving myself."

"I started eating one salad a day, and then it became, like, one cracker a day, and then it became just one grape a day. And then… just not eating at all for three days," she continued. "It was a really, really, bad time for me."

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Snooki recently talked to ET about her upcoming wedding and how life has changed dramatically for the former hard-partying star.

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