Taylor Swift Bases All Her Outfits On What Her Friends Think


Looks like Taylor Swift's incredible street style is all thanks to her famous gal pals.

Taylor's practically made the streets of New York City her catwalk this year, stunning in amazing outfit after outfit. But according to the "Blank Space" singer, her sometimes super-sexy outfit choices actually have nothing to do with attracting boys – rather, it's all about the opinions of her friends.

"When I'm getting dressed, it's always based on what my friends will think," she tellsAsos magazine for their January issue. "They are my number one priority and the opinions of girls are more important to me at this point in my life."


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Well with friends like supermodel Karlie Kloss, Selena Gomez, and Lorde, who can blame her, right?

Taylor dishes that the secret to her super-close female friendships is the fact that they all have their own things going on.

"A lot of 'celebrities' surround themselves with these very chic cling-ons who don’t really have much of a job or a passion, they follow around their celebrity BFF and provide constant affirmation for them and I'm really not interested in that kind of deal," she explains. "My friends are the kind of people that have their own lives, and their own busy schedules, and that’s why we get along so well."

But though it may be all about her girlfriends these days, the 24-year-old star does admit that she has her famously bad breakups to thank for some of her biggest hits.

"If my life had been turbulence free, no bumps in the road at all, maybe my music would be more beige," she says. "Maybe the stadiums wouldn't be so full and the mantle would be a little more empty."

"As much as I would really like to have saved myself heartache, embarrassment or gossip, I also know that my biggest mistakes have turned into my best lessons and sometimes my greatest career triumphs," she reflects.

One of her most famous muses?

Ex-boyfriend Harry Styles, who admitted to ET at the American Music Awards Sunday that her catchy single "Shake It Off" is a "great song."

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Watch One Direction's surprising Taylor Swift shout-out in the video below!

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