Julia Roberts is the New Face of Givenchy -- Even Without Her Signature Smile


Move over Kimye, looks like Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci has a new favorite celebrity muse.

Julia Roberts has just been announced as the new star of Givenchy's Spring 2015 campaign.

In the black-and-white photos, Julia sports minimal makeup and a more androgynous look than we're used to seeing on the Pretty Woman actress. Even more notable? The absence of her signature, mega-watt smile. Instead, she replaces it with a fierce stare more in line with Givenchy's famously moody ads

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"She has the most beautiful smile in the world and I love it, but it's Julia's sensibility that interests me," Tisci tells Yahoo Style's Joe Zee about the conscious decision for Julia's more intense look in the campaign. "I fell in love with her because she's a strong woman, but she's also fragile. I also love her intellectual side. So for me, the Julia in these pictures is the real one you see every day. They're really honest portraits of her."

"For a still photograph, it's great when it's spontaneous and people are looking happy, but it can also look manufactured," Julia further explains. "Not just me, but for anybody! I love that they wanted it to be sort of cool, edgy, and boyish. I was happy to serve because it's nice to be different."

But is Julia ever annoyed at people constantly wanting her to show off her memorable smile?

"I'm just lucky that I'm smiling most of the time," she muses. "It's not that hard to throw it up."

Julia also reveals in the new interview that when it comes to her style, she definitely isn't into following trends.

"When you're comfortable and you feel good in what you're wearing, you're going to look good," she explains. "If you're wearing something that's so contrived and you look like a trussed up Thanksgiving turkey, you're not going to look your best. For me, the older I get, the more I realize there are some major errors people make when it comes to what’s appropriate for their age."

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Although she’s 47 years old, Julia loves being Givenchy's freshest face.

"My sister and I were actually just on the phone, and we were laughing so hard," she shares. "She goes, 'How are you suddenly turned into a supermodel? You're almost 50.' It’s funny."

Check out the video below to see the stylish superstar in ET's 1989 Steel Magnolias flashback, 25 years after the dramedy first debuted!