Kate Middleton's Best Looks of the Week


Lucky Magazine's editor-in-chief Eva Chen broke down the best looks from Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, this week on her tour through New York with husband Prince William.

At five months pregnant, Kate proved she was just like the rest of us with her penchant for recycling outfits. She pulled a hat trick with her green Jenny Packham gown, wearing it for the third time.

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In 2013, she wore the gown at the 100 Women in Hedge Funds dinner and earlier this year, she wore it again at a gala in the National Portrait Gallery.

"Most of us wear our clothes more than once unless you're a Kardashian and you're very lucky to have a different wardrobe every single day," Eva told ET. "I think the thing with Kate is she is ultimately very relatable and a normal girl and a normal
women and most women will repeat their outfits."

Perhaps Kate's most normal outfit was a black Seraphine dress valued at only $99.

"I think most women when they're pregnant don't invest a lot in super expensive new clothes because basically you grow out of them in two weeks," said Eva. "It's better to go for inexpensive because you're going to outgrow it."

One look that surprised Eva, who is nine months pregnant, were the pantyhose and stilettos that Kate sported through the Big Apple.

"I think that as the pregnancy progresses, as she starts getting a little bit more uncomfortable, maybe the baby's sitting in a different place, she'll probably switch to flats," said Eva. "But I have no doubt they will be very chic flats that she switches into."

In addition to being like us, William and Kate sent another royal message during their trip -- they're personal people.

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Street dancer Steven Prescod, 22, impressed the royal couple so much with a performance that William gave him the contact information for his assistant.

"I was on Rikers Island about to face seven years upstate, and never in a million years would I have thought I would be performing for the Duke and Duchess," Steven told ET.

There is a campaign on crowdfunding site Indiegogo to help Steven raise funds for his one-man show Brooklyn Boy, which is about his father's incarceration and his own time in jail. Now Steven is hoping to bring the show to the U.K.

"I just hope that I can share that with everyone else so they can feel what [Prince William] felt," Steven said. "In the piece I talk about all the flaws and everything that I've done and I just want to inspire everyone around the world."