Chris Hemsworth Chops Off His Luscious 'Thor' Locks

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Say goodbye to Chris Hemsworth's signature golden locks.

The 31-year-oldThor star attended the Blackhat premiere on Monday night in Hollywood, surprising his fans with a much shorter coif.

Let's take a closer look.

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... Still just as handsome, no?

"I shaved the locks. I needed a trim," he explained to USA Today about his new 'do. "I have had long hair for like six years. And I got sick of it."

And he's clearly much happier now with the low-maintenance look.

"Anyone who has long hair knows it takes a lot of work," he added. "It's all good. I can wake up and roll with the day without having to worry about it."

Hemsworth's former super-'90s hairstyle created a stir on the cover of People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" issue in November, when he nabbed the coveted title.

He also addressed some fans' thoughts at the time that the title actually should have gone to his younger brother Liam.

"Liam has been good, he's been a real team player for this one," he joked to Jimmy Kimmel during the big reveal. "We've been throwing sexy looks back and forth."

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