Snooki Chops Off All Her Hair for Fabulous New 'Do


Snooki's looking flawless.

Six years ago, who would have ever thought we'd be wanting style tips from Snooki?!

But the 27-year-old former Jersey Shore star is looking undeniably fabulous these days, recently chopping off her super-long locks in favor of a chic new bob.

And dare we say this is the best hairstyle she's ever had?

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Snooki first teased her new look at the salon on Wednesday, writing, "NEW YEAR - new me."

She later posted pics of her new 'do, revealing not only the much-shorter length -- no more hair extensions! -- but a darker color that's definitely more flattering than her former red locks.

And the mother of two is just as enamored with her new cut as we are.

"LOVING this," she wrote about the results. "So much easier to maintain and my kids won't have anything to hang off of anymore."

The reality star has been looking amazing since giving birth to daughter Giovanna in September, and she isn't afraid to show that it takes work -- she's been continuously posting pictures of her healthy meals on her Instagram, and working on her fitness hardcore.

Obviously, it's been paying off.

Looking good Snooki!

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