Fergie: Josh Duhamel Is 'Curious' About My Bikini Waxes

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It appears nothing's off limits when it comes to Fergie and Josh Duhamel's six-year marriage.

Even the 39-year-old singer's bikini waxes.

Fergie is getting candid with Allure magazine for their Feb. 2015 issue, showing just how comfortable she and her husband are with one another. The two have been married since January 2009.

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"I mean he's walked in on me during my bikini waxing," she boldly shares with the magazine via the Huffington Post. "And I'm like, 'Okay, honey, hi.' And I'm on all fours … But he doesn't just leave; he gets curious!"


... TMI?

Though on a serious note, Fergie isn't afraid to admit that the couple's relationship takes work. The two regularly attend couples' therapy, which they both have come to embrace.

"[Josh] is not afraid.... He doesn't feel like he's not man enough for therapeutic help," Fergie says.

They also have a two week rule, which means they can't go more than two weeks without seeing one another. The rule is more important than ever, given that they have an adorable one-year-old son together, Axl Jack.

"We've already talked about how we're going to have to trade off," she explains. "He's going to have to come on tour with Axl for a while, and then there'll be a break. He'll take a job; I'll be on set with [Axl]. You know?"

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In October, Josh dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, when he showed off a cute photo of Axl Jack flipping off the paparazzi!

Check out the video to hear his hilarious explanation.

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