Jennifer Aniston Uses Sweat as a Hair Product

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Now we know one of the surprising secrets to getting Jennifer Aniston's much-admired, effortlessly shiny locks.

In a new interview with Fashionista, the 46-year-old Cake actress says that she actually likes a little sweat in her hair. Jennifer insists that even though she works out a lot, she doesn't wash her hair in the in-between days.

"A little sweat in the hair is nice," she says. "It’s like a little product. You just blow it out with your fingers and it’s actually just fun."

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And if the results get us anywhere near Jennifer's flawless 'do at the Oscars, we're certainly willing to try.

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"I just wanted to be comfortable that day," she explains about the much talked-about simple but pretty style. "The [Versace] dress just fit like a glove and I felt so comfortable. I don't like [to wear] my hair up very much. I’m not an up-do kind of gal."

"I feel like if you're wearing a gown with glitter, you want to have beachy, natural hair to kind of go against that," she adds. "So that’s sort of my main thing, being me. Being comfortable."

True to her style, Jennifer says she's not one to follow hair trends, and reveals the two styles she'll never do.

"He [her longtime hair stylist Chris McMillan] would love for me to go... he wants to just cut it all off, kind of like a pixie, which I will never do," she reveals. "I’m not a trend person really. I kind of wait for the trends to go. Platinum blond -- unless it was a wig -- no."

Guess we won't see her debuting a super-blonde bob like Kim Kardashian any time soon!

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To be fair, if we had hair like Jennifer's, we wouldn't want to mess with it too much either.

Check out the video below to see an adorable 21-year-old Jennifer in her first ET interview!

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