January Jones: My Confidence Disappeared When I Got 'Pretty'

The Violet Files

Looks aren't everything.

Mad Men star January Jones is obviously a beautiful woman, but in a new interview with Violet Grey, she surprisingly reveals her confidence took a turn for the worse when she started growing into her looks. The 37-year-old actress -- who goes topless in her latest stunning spread -- hasn't been shy about sharing her awkward childhood photos with her fans in the past, including this one showcasing her mullet when she was nine years old.

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Still, January says that despite the unflattering haircut, this was when she felt the greatest about herself.

"I was at my most confident as a kid," she shares. "It actually wasn't until I got into high school and started to get quote-unquote pretty that my confidence started to disappear. So I want to give the message that girls can be proud and self-assured no matter what funky haircut they have."

These days, she prefers the no makeup look.

"I feel sexy and vulnerable when I have no makeup on," she explains.

The Violet Files
The Violet Files

Still, she appreciates a good red lip, like the one often seen on her most famous on-screen character, Betty Draper. "It's like you’ve put your armor on for the day," she says.

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ET caught up with January's Mad Men co-star Jon Hamm at AMC's Black & Red Ball on Wednesday night, when he dished on the possibility of a Mad Men movie.

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