5 Trends to Stop Wearing Now: Peplum, Wedge Sneakers & More!

Out-of-style trends you should phase out of your wardrobe.

There comes a time in every trend’s life where we must bid adieu until it comes back around in another few years. And sure, there are some trends that do become fashion staples, but there are many more that are just fads. 

ET is here to help you stay ahead of the curve by making sure you don’t get caught rocking styles that are now teetering on the edge of out-of-style.

Here are five looks that have lost their fizzle:

1. Peplum: It was loved for its exaggerated shape that added class to shorter length skirts and dresses. Stars like Kerry Washington, Julianne Moore, and Jennifer Hudson have all worn the style in the past. Replace your peplum with the modern baby doll dress. Similar to the peplum style, it is meant to show off your legs, but the look is updated by not having a defined waist and goes from a slim, sleek shoulder to a wide A-line skirt.

2. Printed Leggings: For a moment the eye-catching prints and patterns on leggings were a nice pairing for tunic tops, but now this trend is less of a fashion forward ensemble and more of a gym outfit. Switch out your leggings for relaxed trousers that come in comfortable fabrics like silk and linen.

3. Wedge Sneakers: The footwear trend reached its peak last year with endless color combos and added just the right amount of height to elevate any casual look. This season retire the once fashionable and functional shoe and embrace normcore with all-white sneakers.

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4. Sock Buns: The oversized bun look was an easy go-to hairstyle that looked great on stars like Katy Perry and Zendaya. Beauty trendsetters are moving away from the pulled tight, gigantic bun and steering towards a daintier, more sophisticated version, like Rhianna’s low bun hairstyle she wore at the GRAMMYs earlier this year. Whether it’s braided, twisted or messy, the low bun is a trend anyone can rock.

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5. Ombre Hair: A-listers absolutely fell in love with dark roots and dip-dyed tips with everyone from Blake Lively to Jessica Alba sporting the low maintenance ‘do. Hollywood’s new obsession is softer golden highlights over dark, rich caramel tones that create an effortless sun-kissed color.

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