Girlfriend Jeans: The Curvy Girl Denim Trend Everyone Is Wearing!

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The perfect pair of jeans may be one of the most difficult things to find, but if you’re a curvy girl it may have just gotten a little easier! Aimee Cheshire, a former plus size model who now runs, raves that the girlfriend jean is the answer to all of your denim troubles.

So what is the girlfriend jean? Think of it as a more fitted boyfriend jean, yet more flattering mom jean. The goal is to help solve that common issue we’ve all run into: sometimes jeans fit perfectly on the hips but loose on the waist or they don’t hug curves the way they should.

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“What's great about it is that it has a higher rise on both the front and back of the jean so it can help accommodate your tummy and help smooth things out. The pocket placement is generally larger, which is flattering for your rear,” Cheshire says.

Fashion-forward celebrities of all sizes love this style. Gwen Stefani wore a pair of deconstructed girlfriend jeans while on a coffee run. Mindy Kaling went for the double denim look, and plus size model Ashley Graham topped hers with a loose-fitted buttoned-down top.

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“If you're a hippy girl, sometimes you have trouble getting the jeans over your hips. And then when you fasten it you get a little gapping in the back. So it's great to look for jeans with a little stretch or even elastic banding in the back that is kind of hidden to give you that flexibility,” Cheshire suggests.

Cheshire also notes that dressing well has a lot to do with understanding your body shape.

“It's just about working with your proportions and finding those items that work with your figure versus forcing yourself into things that will work against it,” Cheshire advises.

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