Kim Kardashian on the Perfect Selfie: 'Lighting Is Everything'

The reality star shares her tips for the perfect shot.

Kim Kardashian is queen of the selfies, so much so that the reality star has a new book of photos dedicated to her Instagram portraits called Selfish. When she stopped by the ET set, hosts Nancy O’Dell and Kevin Frazier had to ask her for tips on snapping the perfect shot.

"You have to really know your angle," Kim explained. "The lighting is everything."

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Kim admitted that she’s got an ideal lighting setup for selfies at home, but when she's out and about, it’s all about improvisation.

"If it’s not good lighting, then you do the more moody vibe," she said. "And you just take about 500 pictures until you get the right one."

When Kim and Nancy went to take a pic together, Kim admitted that it can sometimes be tough to snap the perfect shot by yourself, confessing, "I think the selfie stick was kind of amazing because my arm is so short."

As for the perfect pose?

"I just always like my chin down," Kim told Nancy. "No double chin action."

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Take a peek inside Kim’s selfie book in the video below!