Taylor Swift's '1989' Tour Costumes Channel Jennifer Lopez's Super Sexy Style

Taylor Swift might be style-jacking J.Lo!

She'll never go out of style, and now we may know why!

The 1989 World Tour kicked off last week in Tokyo, and Taylor Swift appears to be taking some major inspiration from Jennifer Lopez in the style department.

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Here are just a few signs that the artistic direction for Taylor’s tour wardrobe may have been "PG J.Lo."

One of the J.Loans was this tiny green fringed dress that looks straight out of Lopez's World Cup performance in Brazil last year.

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While Taylor was notably more conservative, you can't deny this shimmering shoulder-to-boot look is also similar.

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Then, of course, there's this sparkly silver dress that seems exactly like a chip off of Jenny's block.

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We have to say, if Taylor was style-inspired by J.Lo, we can't blame her! The best know the best know how to dress!

Icon goals.

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