Avoid Summer Beauty Blunders Like Oliva Munn & Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting

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Packing on layers of makeup during the summer months isn’t ideal. There’s nothing worse than your foundation melting down your face, while your eyeliner smudges and your lipstick smears—major beauty fail.

Ever wonder how celebrities manage to stay radiant under the sweltering sun? Olivia Munn told ET it’s all about hydrating your skin.

“I moisturize all day long and try not to wear any makeup if I don’t have to, so that when I do put makeup on it’s fresh,” the actress said.

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting
says her beauty secret is to remove excess oil.

“I have a lot of the packs to take the sweat down…so I just keep blotting,” The Big Bang Theory star revealed.

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We also caught up with makeup artist Rebecca Epifano who says there are simple tips and tricks to fine tune your summer beauty regime for a fresh-faced look.

First things first, load up on sunblock before applying any makeup.

“The best thing to do is really layer your skin from the bottom up…you're going to want to for sure do sunscreen, you're going to want to put it all over your face and even all over your chest,” Epifano recommended.

She also suggests using a primer and tinted moisturizer as alternatives to layering on a heavy foundation.

“You're going to want to put a primer on and it's really going to have your makeup float on top of it and keep it from seeping into your pores…what's a nice thing to do on top of your primer is usually a tinted moisturizer,” she said.

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Check out the video for more beauty tips on beating the summer heat!