6 Ways Jennifer Lawrence Is the New NYC Fashion Queen

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Jennifer Lawrence is a trendsetting Hollywood superstar who, by eschewing traditional, showy couture fashion, has established herself as the new queen of basics in New York City.

Instead of rocking bright, garish colors, the 24-year-old Oscar winner often opts for a classic, elegant black and/or white color scheme that does a long way toward showcasing her badass New York sensibilities.

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Here are six (of many) reasons she is the ruling the world of fashion in the big apple.

1. She's classy, even when she's casual.

The blonde bombshell is often spotted walking around Manhattan -- where she is reportedly looking for an apartment in the Tribeca area -- and J Law always looks flawless, even in just a simple, breezy white top.

2. She can rock a little black dress like nobody's business.

The Hunger Games star isn't afraid to get formal either. She's just as comfortable looking sexy and sophisticated while hitting the town in a classic little black dress.

3. She looks like a wicked angel in white.

When she wants to change things up a bit, Lawrence can also pull off a stunningly angelic look in a stylish, sleeveless white dress that manages to be sexy without showing a lot of skin, like the one she wore to Nobu earlier this month.

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4. She's flawless, even when she's having fun.

Just because she's rocking a stylish white gown, that doesn't mean she doesn’t have a weird and wild side like when she left Nobu and teased the paparazzi by shoving some chopsticks in her mouth and imitating a walrus.

5. She likes to mix things up.

Sometimes, she doesn't feel content with just black OR white. No! Sometimes, she decides to throw a curveball and she wears a wild combination of both! While it might not work for everyone, Lawrence always manages to pull it off.

6. She always looks like a million bucks

When she's feeling really adventurous, the badass of basics will even rock grey! And while denim short shorts and a thin, grey sweater might look a little too bland on most people, Jennifer Lawrence proves she isn't "most people." She's a fashion superstar.

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For more of the striking star's stunning style selections, check out the video below to see some of her greatest red carpet looks.

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