Watch Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist Do 'Speed Contouring'

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Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic has been working with Kim Kardashian for eight years. Together, they’ve mastered and popularized the art of contouring. Now, he's giving ETonline the how-to! "Powder contouring" works well for everyday wear, and it doesn't take forever (Kim can sometimes spend an hour in Mario's makeup chair.) Mario calls this two-minute contour a "diet for the face!"

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Here are six quick steps you can see demonstrated in the video above:

1. When contouring, picture a No. 3 on your face. The top of your forehead, your cheekbones and your jawline make up the 3. The 3 line should be a darker color than your natural skin color.

2. Use a blush or bronzer brush to start, and choose shades based on your own skin color. You want to look natural. Use a smaller brush for your nose.

3. The most important thing to contour? Your cheekbones. Brush along the hollows of the cheeks. Sucking in your cheeks will help you see where to apply.

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4. You can contour your whole face, but do what works for you! People with smaller foreheads shouldn't contour them. Contouring will only shorten and thin the forehead, making it look tinier. And if your nose is long, don't highlight down the entire bridge of your nose -- that will only elongate your nose.

5. Don't use too much product. Start with less, add more only if needed. Remember: the images you see of celebs are likely pretty glam. For everyday -- school, work -- Mario says, don't go overboard!

6. Blend. Blend. Blend. The only distinct lines you see should be on your cheeks.

Mario has been in the business for over a decade and works with stunners like Chrissy Teigen, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez. But, you can learn his biggest makeup secrets! Make sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter -- he's @makeupbymario.

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