Meet the Curvy Models Celebrating the Beauty in Women of All Sizes

Victoria Janashvili is celebrating all the differences that make women special with Curves, an art photography book.

Fashion photographer Victoria Janashvili is celebrating all the differences that make women special with Curves, an art photography book featuring women of all shapes and sizes.

The book, funded through a Kickstarter campaign, includes 70 different women from size 00 to 30, who came together for one message: Beauty isn't a number, it's an attitude.

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"I have regular girls on the streets. I have girls that were born limbless. I have girls who were challenged in all sorts of ways. I have girls who were very famous models and then they got older," Janashvili told ET. "It's all about how they manage to feel beautiful."

Model Chelsea Miller, 27, is 5'9" and a size 14. She posed for her photo shoot with words painted on her entire body.

"I picked some of my favorite quotes," Miller explained to ET. Some of those included "There is no thigh gap" and "I'm enough."

"I've been categorized as everything from unhealthy to fat, curvy, sexy, womanly," she said. "It's different every time, but I don't put myself in a box. I'm a human and I can be anything I want to be."

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"It wasn't about being nude," Sophie Simmons, 23, told ET. "It was just about being confident in yourself and showing other girls that it's okay to do the same things as these women that are all different sizes. I want to be part of this change."

Sophie is the daughter of Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed, and was featured on the A&E reality series Gene Simmons: Family Jewels. Growing up in the limelight came with difficulties.

"Every billboard for Family Jewels was retouched," Sophie said with disdain. "I was always smaller. I remember we had a big argument with the network about it because I didn't look like myself in one of the photos and they had taken a head from another shot and put it on a body."

Sophie told us that the body-image problem in the entertainment industry is a vicious cycle.

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"I think a lot of the pressure comes internally from Hollywood," Sophie said. "A lot of times when I go to set, the stylist will only have size 0 and that's obviously not going to work for me."

Curves is out now.