Tyra Banks is Mentoring Today's Big Name Supermodels Like Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss

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Tyra Banks broke on the scene as a supermodel in an age where the stars of the runway were known around the world.

"The modeling industry during my hey day was really about supermodels -- household name supermodels, like Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer," she told ET.

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That phenomenon died down significantly in the post-’90s fashion era, but it’s picking back up, thanks to Instagram and Twitter (and Taylor Swift).

"Cut to ten years later, it's making a shift, and I think it's because of social media," Tyra says. "So now, we have Cara Delevingne and we have Karlie Kloss… Girls like that, that are breaking through the clutter, and are now becoming known."

Banks, who has hosted America’s Next Top Model for 12 years and 22 cycles of the reality competition show, says she sits down with some of the big names supermodels of today to help them strategize their careers.

"We meet a couple of times a year," she reveals. "We do strategy maps, and then they'll go off and they'll execute, then they'll come back and we check in again. It's nice to see that what they're doing is working."

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Tyra’s advice isn’t just for the established models, however. The ANTM host also offers advice to aspiring stars of the runway, like never paying a modeling agency or selling out for a modeling job.

"There's so many other things that you can do," she insists. "You can act. You can be behind the scenes. You can do so many different things, but don't degrade yourself so much or empty out your pockets for acceptance."

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