EXCLUSIVE: Melissa McCarthy Is Reinventing Jeans - See Her New Collection!

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Melissa McCarthy is re-imagining jeans as we know them and she shared some of her favorite looks from her new fashion line only to ET fashion correspondent Jeannie Mai.

McCarthy said that when it came to designing her own jeans for the Melissa McCarthy Seven7 collection, she prioritized comfort above all else.

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"I made them a little higher," McCarthy said. "I think it's more comfortable. I also don't need to see any more people bend over and get a surprise."

McCarthy studied fashion before making it big as an actress, and now all her fashion schooling is coming in handy. Animal prints, bold geometrics and body-hugging silhouettes are just some of the looks that are included with sizes ranging from 4 to 28.

While the pieces from the Melissa McCarthy Seven7 collection might make you feel like a million bucks, they're all priced under $150.

"You know what I call it? Wear-a-py," Mai said. "Just like therapy helps you be nicer and better to people, what you wear gives you a therapeutic feel inside and out."

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"I believe in that," McCarthy said. "I love that. I think that's true."

The collection is being sold now on HSN and will be available on Melissa's website, starting Sept. 1.