How Much Does It Cost to Look Like Kylie Jenner?

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You can get Kylie Jenner’s lips, but it’ll cost you.

Dr. Simon Ourian -- who performed Kylie’s cosmetic procedure -- talked to ET on Thursday about his famous clients and his most-requested celebrity looks.

"For a long time people wanted to have Jessica Alba's lips," Ourian spilled. "Now it's Kylie Jenner's lips, Kim Kardashian's butt."

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But the reality stars aren’t the only ones with enviable looks. The plastic surgeon said that nose job clients often request Kate Beckinsale, Scarlett Johannsson, Blake Lively, and Jennifer Aniston.

Of course, it’s not cheap to look like your favorite star. Some of  the most expensive procedures -- breast reductions like the one Modern Family star Ariel Winter got recently -- can run up to $12,000. However, Winter's surgeon, Dr. Kevin Brenner, says those are some of his most-satisfied customers.

"I find that my breast reduction patients are some of the happiest patients that I have in my practice," Dr. Brenner told ET . "That's primarily because they have a self confidence boost after surgery and they no longer have the pain and rashes and the bra strap grooving that they suffered from for years."

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To save money, some have tried to replicate Kylie’s full-lip look by suctioning their lips in a shot glass, an experiment Dr. Ourian warns against.

“I cannot think of any more dangerous procedure to do by yourself than doing the suction cups on your lips," the plastic surgeon cautions. "It creates a lot of vacuum around your lips so it could cause cuts. It could cause infections. It could cause bleeding. It could cause bruising that could be permanent."

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Of course, not getting surgery is always another option.

"I feel it's important to love yourself no matter what your flaws are," Demi Lovato told ET at the 2015 VMAs. "If somebody wants to get it then that's fine, maybe they should wait until they're a lot older."

"If you want to get larger lips and you don't want to have a procedure done," Dr. Ourian agrees, "I highly recommend, just do make up."

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