EXCLUSIVE: An Inside Look at How the Most Extravagant Victoria's Secret Angel Wings Ever Are Crafted

See how those gorgeous wings are made!

Before the Victoria's Secret angels get their wings, they've got to be made.

We've learned that Kendall Jenner will walk in the 2015 Victoria's Secret show airing on Tuesday, Dec. 8 on CBS, which will feature the $2 million, diamond-encrusted 2015 Fantasy Bra, but there's more to the magic than just the models and lingerie! As the countdown continues, ET has exclusive looks at the artisan collaborations that bring the collection to life.

The annual show's 20th anniversary will feature the brand's most ambitious art direction ever, and cameras captured the creative process required to bring these extravagant creations to life.

EXCLUSIVE: See the Most Intricate Victoria's Secret Creation Ever Made

"We have the Victoria's Secret lingerie that we start with, but we really want to tap into artisans, and their craft," said the show's executive producer, Monica Mitro. "We want to let them have the freedom to do creative and beautiful things for the show."

Featuring spinning feathers, 3D pop art, and custom leather, the variety of costumes in production for this year's show is as eclectic as it is bold.

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"For Victoria's Secret, they have their image already in mind," said Jordan Betten of the Lost Art Studio, who is contributing looks to the show. "They just need someone who can make it sexy, and compliment their lingerie."

"Any of the creative industries, we pretty much have our client base," he added. "People like Carlos Santana, Steven Tyler, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, the list goes on."

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The most important thing for the brand at this stage, however, is the art.

"We're always about finding the most relevant artisan for the piece," said Victoria's Secret's Collection Creative Director, Sophia Neophitou. "Whether they are working in their kitchen, or as part of a global brand, is irrelevant to us."

Watch the video below to see how one of fashion's biggest nights is put together.