Gisele Bundchen Says 'It's Irritating' to Be Famous, Talks Bullying: 'It Can Overwhelm You'

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Even the gorgeous, highly successful Gisele Bundchen isn't immune to the "haters."

The 35-year-old supermodel candidly talks about the pressures of being a celebrity in a new interview with The New York Times, especially since she's been married to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady since 2009.

"To me, the idea of being famous is irritating," Gisele says bluntly. "The attention is strange. Everyone has an opinion."

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"It can overwhelm you when people attack you or make comments," she continues. "But when people are saying those things, the haters, I try not to let it in. Given what it is, I tell myself, 'What am I to do?'"

The underdog attitude is surprisingly nothing new for Gisele. Although the mother of two has been the highest-paid model in the world for nine years in a row, according to Forbes -- at one point, making a staggering $128,000 a day -- she talks about being heavily criticized by the modeling world because of the size of her nose.

"My career was never based on pretty," Gisele says. "In the beginning, you know, everyone told me, 'Your eyes are too small, the nose is too big, you can never be on a magazine cover.' But, you know what? The big nose is coming with a big personality."

"Even before I got into the business, I was used to being bullied because I was always tall and skinny and stuck out," she adds. "I got really red all the time from playing volleyball, red like a pepper. So I thought bullying was just the way life is."

Still, Gisele persevered with plenty of determination.

"I always knew that, even if I was not the most beautiful girl, I'd be the most energetic and hard-working," she stresses. “If you want to know the truth, that's the reason for my success."

In January, fans got a taste of just how difficult it can be to be Gisele when her and Tom's personal chef, Allan Campbell, shared their strict dietary demands to Campbell revealed the Brady family eats 80 percent organic and fresh vegetables, and that they refuse to eat white sugar, white flour, gluten or MSG.

Although, with results like this, it's undeniable that her hard work definitely pays off.

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