23 Times Ariel Winter Was Sexy and Confident On Instagram

The 'Modern Family' star is not afraid to flaunt it!

Body positive is not just a talking point for Ariel Winter.

The Modern Family star, who underwent breast reduction surgery last year, has never let online bullies and haters stop her from showing off her body on social media, skin and all.

"I think there are so many bigger issues in the world that we should be focusing on than what we're wearing," the 18-year-old actress shared with The Talk on Tuesday. "I posted a photo of me at my graduation party with my dress, showing a little bit of underboob, I thought I looked great."

And in 2016, Winter has taken that confident style and run with it, sharing many revealing snaps to Instagram, from cleavage-baring swimsuits, to revealing cutout jean outfits, to makeup-free photos.

Here are 23 times Winter has shown her incredible body confidence on Instagram.

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1. The aforementioned underboob.

The UCLA-bound student went with a show-stopping look for her graduation celebration in May.

2. The Fourth of July.

Winter went with a super-teeny bikini and flaunted major derriere while spending a day at the beach to celebrate our nation's independence.

3. Happy birthday to the twins.

Winter rocked another one of her many summer sixteen bikinis while wishing her twin BFFs a happy birthday, one of whom will be joining her at college in the fall.

4. Beware the camera roll.

"Went through my camera roll and found this gem from wrap the other night..... #squad #crazy #latepost," the actress captioned a scandalous photo from the wrap party for her upcoming film, Dog Years, co-starring Burt Reynolds.

5. Fresh faced at the lake.

Winter shared this made-down throwback picture on June 30, writing, "#tbt to last weekend on the #lake :) #nomakeup."

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6. Wine + Bubbles.

"Today's office," she captioned the on-set photo. "Relax everyone it's cranberry juice and I'm wearing lady bit pasties."

7. 2 Million.

Winter thanked her two million Instagram followers with this snap of herself in a boat wearing a red, white and blue tie-dye bathing suit.

8. Burt on the shirt.

Winter showed off major midsection in this cutout jeans mirror pic from June.

9. More cutout jeans.

Winter has been loving that look!

10. Graduation.

Winter wore this head-turning leggy gown under her robe for her graduation ceremony.

11. When she was thinking of riding horses....

Winter paired her cowboy boots with a cleavage-baring look (and those cutout jeans again!) for this revealing ranch style.

12. When she decided on riding horses.

Winter revealed the above look to have a cutout back to boot, as she geared up for her horse-riding excursion.

13. Prom.

Winter did prom up in 2016 like it was a red carpet event in this gorgeous floral gown.

14. Taking the town with a friend.

More cutout dresses! Winter sported major cleavage on an outing in West Hollywood, California.

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15. At a meeting.

Winter shared this pic in a white top with ties in the middle to keep it all together.

16. Bedtime.

"A happy af floating head in a sea of pillows and blankies," Winter captioned the fresh-faced pic.

17. Coachella Pt. 1.

18. Coachella Pt. 2.

19. Coachella Pt. 3.

When in Indio, California!

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20. Lunch with Emily Ratajkowski.

"I am continuously honored to be around such incredible, powerful, intelligent women who empower each other at every turn," Winter captioned the photo.

21. Easter.

Winter showed off a lot of cleavage for her happy holiday attire.

22. (Legal) Margs with sis.

Winter went super low-cut for this drinks date in Paris with her sister.

23. Write your name in the sand.

Live your truth, Ariel!

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Watch the video below for more of her bold style choices.