EXCLUSIVE: Rep Joyce Beatty Wears Same Style to DNC as Melania Trump: She's a Size Zero, But I'm a 10

Who wore it best?

Melania Trump's white dress that she wore to last week's Republican National Convention crossed party lines on Thursday when Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio) took the stage at the Democratic National Convention in the same style.

The Roksanda Ilincic bell-sleeved dress, which retails at $2,190, quickly sold out after Trump wore it, but it appears the 65-year-old Congresswoman was able replicate the look, though she claims to have never seen Donald Trump's 46-year-old wife in the outfit.

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"My husband [Otto Beatty, Jr.] came today and asked me to wear this dress," she told ET's Nischelle Turner after hitting the stage at the DNC. "And when he unveiled it, I can be honest, I did not see her the night that she wore the dress. ...I think they look similar, but this is the dress my husband bought for me. "

The style is apparently able to flatter women of any size and/or shape. "I have heard others say [Trump's dress] was a zero, or she is a zero," Beatty added. "But I am a 10."

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Beatty would not confirm if her dress is from the same designer, but she did have a few quips as to who wore the style better. Calling out claims that Trump plagiarized some of her RNC speech, the Congresswoman joked, "Well, the internet says that Joyce Beatty wears it best, because she used her own words in it."

She added, "And others said I ended it with, 'I am Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, and I approve this dress.'"

Beatty was excited to be celebrating Hillary Clinton's nomination for president. "It was an incredible experience because it is an incredible evening to be here supporting Hillary Clinton, and to know in my lifetime, I am going to have one of the most talented, brilliant, skilled and qualified females to be president of the United States," she gushed. "We are standing here not because we are women, but because we have worked hard and we are fit to be president of the United States. I am just pleased that I can be here supporting Hillary Clinton."

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