Cindy Crawford Interviews Her Model Daughter Kaia: You're 'Learning That It's Hard Work!'

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Cindy Crawford can obviously teach her 14-year-old daughter, Kaia, a thing or two about modeling.

The 50-year-old supermodel interviews Kaia -- who's taken the fashion world by storm thanks to high profile gigs with Miu Miu, Alexander Wang, and Moschino, just to name a few -- for the latest issue of Teen Vogue, but it sounds like the teenager is doing just fine figuring it out on her own.

"You're so much more confident than I was!" Cindy says. "I didn't start modeling until I was nearly 17. You have a sense of what feels right for you. I don't worry about you staying true to yourself."

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Teen Vogue

Still, Kaia has learned one of the most important life lessons directly from her mom.

"I've watched you be nothing but kind to everyone on set, from the photographer to the caterer," Kaia notes.

Kaia also sees a lot of herself in the legendary supermodel.

"When I look at my mom, aside from physical features (of course), we share many of the same mannerisms," she reveals. "I notice it when looking back on past videos of her. I don't know if it's genetic, or something I've just caught onto, but our actions mimic one another."

The youngest child of Cindy and her husband, business man Rande Gerber, is definitely taking advantage of the experiences modeling has provided her.

"It has given me the chance to meet such incredible people," she explains. "Living in Malibu is like being in a bubble, so discovering others that are so different from me has been incredibly gratifying."

"I’m excited you understand what I've done most of my life," Cindy adds. "I look back and appreciate it all -- traveling, connecting with people through photography. You're having fun but also learning that it's hard work!"

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Last month, fellow model Kendall Jenner photographed Kaia for a spread in Love magazine, while Cindy took over makeup and hair.

"I picked Kaia because I think she's amazing and beautiful," Kendall, 20, said in a statement. "I've gotten to know her a bit, and she really is such a great young girl with such a good head on her shoulders. You could say I'm a fan of hers, and I would love to see her succeed."

"This for me was so cool, because it really does come full circle: Her mom was my idol; I'm shooting my idol's daughter," she added.

Watch the video below to see Cindy and Kaia stun in a photo shoot for Chrome Hearts magazine in June.

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