Kendall Jenner Lands First American 'Vogue' Cover -- and Her Famous Family Is Thrilled!

The 20-year-old model is the cover girl of the coveted September issue!

Kendall Jenner is the cover girl of Vogue magazine's coveted September issue.

Just a day after her sister Kylie Jenner said that one of her 19th birthday wishes was that Kendall land her first cover of American Vogue this year, it happened!

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Almost immediately after the release of the cover, Kendall's family started to brag about her on social media and share her high fashion magazine cover. "Kendall you did it!!! You really did it! This is just the beginning baby girl," Khloe Instagrammed. "I wish people realize how many sacrifices you have made. ...Congratulations to one of the sweetest, most humble and down-to-earth girls!"

Also in celebration, the 20-year-old model's famous family threw her a party -- while cameras were rolling, of course. In a video produced by Vogue, Kendall's older sisters Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian are all at the staged soiree, as well as Kylie, her mother Kris Jenner and Keeping Up With the Kardashians executive producer, Ryan Seacrest.

Caitlyn Jenner is noticeably missing at the party, though Kendall talks about her a great deal in her interview, and recalls catching the 66-year-old Olympian wearing women's clothing before she had came out as a transgender woman.

"We’re not judgmental. But obviously it’s strange having your dad, who was so male, completely reverse. It is definitely a gnarly experience," Kendall confides. "My mom knew. She knew since their third date."

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She adds that there was a "rough phase" as the family came to terms with Caitlyn's transition. "It’s super ironic to think about now, but it’s something I can thank my dad for: how much of a tomboy I was. That’s why I think the whole thing -- her transition -- was really hard for me, because I was like, 'But you taught me everything tomboy!'" she exclaims.

Now that time has passed, Kendall says everything feels "super normal" again.

"It’s not weird at all," she insists. "Sometimes I look at a picture of my dad when she was a guy, and it makes me a little sad -- I get emotional. You have to get past it -- you’ve got a new person to love. It’s kind of a blessing in disguise -- if that’s not the wrong way to say it."

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Landing the Vogue cover comes after Kendall has faced criticism by veteran supermodels in regards to how she came up in the industry. "This is a career -- I want this to last for a long time,” she insists. "Not that I won’t venture out and do other things, but I want this to be like a Cindy Crawford thing: I want it to last until I am her age. That’s why I love her so much and why I look up to her: Her life now is something that I want my life to be like."

While other veteran supermodels have slammed Kendall's modeling career, Cindy comes to her defense. "She’s not giving her power away," the 50-year-old model gushes. “She’s already light-years ahead of where I was at her age. It took me a while to own that.”

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