Faye Dunaway Reflects on 2017 Oscars Best Picture Flub and Getting a Do-Over (Exclusive)

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Faye Dunaway admits last year's Best Picture mixup at the Oscars was a bit traumatic for her.

ET spoke with the legendary actress at the Vanity Fair Oscars party on Sunday night, where she talked about getting to announce Best Picture again with Warren Beatty, after the two were given the wrong envelope last year -- leading to an epic flub. La La Land was mistakenly announced as the winner of the big prize of the night, as opposed to the true winner, Moonlight.

Dunaway says she was happy to present with Beatty again.

"It was a standing ovation," she tells ET's Carly Steel of their warm reception. "Well, with Warren it was great. There's a chemistry there, there always has been. And he's really a special guy and it was fun to come back and do it right. It was such a, you know, a trauma the first one."

Dunaway admits she has thought about last years's mistake a lot, despite it not being her fault.

"Well, you know, you did it in spite of the fact that someone else gave you the wrong card," she explains. "We're still doing it. So, there was almost a stigma that I felt. But, you know, mistakes happen. I .... talked to them very nicely, the accountants. And we gotta move on and forgive, you know?"

Showing her sense of humor, the actress actually wore the same glamorous blue Esteban Cortazar dress to present Best Picture this year as she wore on the red carpet of last year's Oscars. Of course, this time around, the award was presented without a hitch -- though she says Beatty briefly struggling with the envelope did give her a bit of pause! 

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"I said, 'Is he doing this purposely? What is happening?'" she recalls. "He couldn't get it open, I think. It's kind of hard to get those hard cards up there."

Watch Dunaway and Beatty's big moment below:


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