'FBI: International' Star and Producer Break Down Scott's Unexpected Family Reunion (Exclusive)

Luke Kleintank and showrunner Derek Haas discuss the final scene from Tuesday's episode and what's to come.

Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you have not watched Tuesday's episode of FBI: International.

Mother and son, reunited once again.

FBI: International ended on quite a cliffhanger with Tuesday's episode, as Scott Forrester (Luke Kleintank), who had been receiving mysterious text messages from an unknown person, was finally reunited with his estranged mother, Angela Cassidy (guest star Elizabeth Mitchell), after more than a decade. It turns out, those texts he had been receiving all episode were sent by her.

Their tense reunion at the bar in Transnistria, where Scott is recovering after a particularly difficult case comes, at a crucial time. In the clip of that exact moment, which you can watch above, Scott is taken aback when his mom arrives in the episode's final moments. "Hello Scott," Angela says as she approaches the bar. It takes Scott a second to collect himself when he realizes who it is: "Hey mom." 

“Elizabeth Mitchell comes in as Forrester’s mother, Angela Cassidy, whom we have been hearing about since the pilot. Is she a traitor or isn’t she? Is she loyal to the U.S. or isn’t she? How can Forrester trust anything that comes out of her mouth? She disappeared for the last 15 years!” FBI: International showrunner Derek Haas exclusively tells ET over email of the pivotal reunion.    

“Anyway, I, like Forrester, will be very interested in what she has to say for herself. And what she’ll be asking of him," Haas previews. "The next episode will be a direct pickup from where we left off on tonight’s episode."

Kleintank spoke highly of Mitchell, who he said "was an absolute pleasure" to work with.

"From Day 1, she was a joy to have on set and the chemistry was instant. She's a talented actress and a great scene partner. Not to mention having the OG Mrs. Claus play your mother is every kid’s dream," the actor exclusively tells ET over email, before breaking down the scene. "The moment when Scott sees his mother for the first time after 15 years is definitely overwhelming. He's filled with an array of emotions and feelings -- anger, betrayal, confusion, abandonment, love. Trying to navigate these emotions is a shock to his system. I think he's torn between his mother being a traitor and his duty to uphold the oath he took when he became an FBI agent."

"Their relationship moves forward in the next episode with many twists and turns," the actor teases of the next new episode, titled "One Point One Million Followers," which airs in three weeks. "There are feelings of contention and many 'what if's,' ultimately asking the question: Does love prevail?"

FBI: International returns Tuesday, Feb. 22 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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