Fergie Says She and Josh Duhamel Are 'Friends' 3 Weeks Before Announcing Split

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The 42-year-old singer admitted that it had become increasingly 'difficult' to spend time together.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel were more like "friends" than spouses just weeks before announcing their split

In an interview with ET Canada's Roz Weston on Aug. 24, the 42-year-old singer admitted that her and Duhamel's busy schedules make it "a little bit tough" to spend time together. 

"The Google Calendar is everything. It's color-coded, everything's got categories, and we've just got to be really organized about our planning because it's really important for us that [our son] Axl comes first," Fergie revealed. "Right now he's in Vancouver, next week he comes with me."

"We're trying to make it happen right now and it's a little bit tough, but we're doing it and we just love him," she added. "I just, I eat up his whole face when I see him."

Fergie and Duhamel announced their breakup in a statement to ET on Thursday, and we've since learned that they separated in February, just one month after they celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary

"Josh and I truly love each other," Fergie said in her ET Canada interview. "I mean, it's grown into a deeper thing to where it's like, we're friends, you know what I mean? There's a deep love there."

Fergie also insisted that being with her son, Axl, is always the number one priority when she and Duhamel increasingly spend more time apart. 

"I can't [be away from] from Axl for too many days at a time. My heart starts to hurt," she said. "Josh and I, we try to [see each other every] two weeks, but right now it's been a little bit difficult because he is directing a film that he co-wrote and is starring in, and I have the biggest project that I'd ever done coming out. So, we're just trying to make it work, and it's just so much love with us."

The singer also hinted at past fights, which became the inspiration for her new song, "Save It Till Morning," about a fight that "just gets out of control." 

"You know what, it's so not worth it, because those things stick with you," she said, joking that there were "a lot of fights" that inspired the song. "I don't really like to fight anymore." 

"I had a therapist for a long time now... it's not worth hurting each other, because we hurt the ones we love the most sometimes, because we feel the most safe. It's just about, let's not have those ugly words just sitting there for each other," she continued. "Let's just take a breath." 

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