'Firefly Lane' Trailer for Final Episodes Promise an Emotional Ending for Kate and Tully

The second half of season 2 drops April 27.

It's going to be an emotional ending for Firefly Lane's Kate and Tully.

Netflix released the official trailer for Part 2 of the second and final season on Monday, teeing up the aftermath of Kate's heartbreaking breast cancer diagnosis and the near-reunion between the two estranged best friends. The premiere date was also revealed for the final seven episodes: Thursday, April 27.

During one climactic moment in the trailer, while attending a wedding, Kate (Sarah Chalke) -- with newly shorn hair -- suddenly feels faint and collapses on the dance floor. After her scare, she's asked if she's reached out to her former BFF, Tully, as she may "need a friend" during this difficult time. Seconds later, a tearful Kate sits in her car as she leaves a devastating voicemail, saying through tears, "I just really need you, OK? Things have been really bad."

After Kate leaves at least 10 unanswered voicemails, Tully (Katherine Heigl) finally shows up to Kate's front door. Johnny (Ben Lawson) is the one who answers the door and asks her point-blank, "What are you doing here?" The iciness between them is palpable as Tully tells him Kate called her.

Soon, Tully arrives at Kate's bedroom, their long-awaited (and very tense) reunion finally taking place. "What took you so long?" Kate asks, though only her voice is heard as the camera rests on Tully's face.

Watch the trailer below.

Chalke spoke with ET last fall about how Kate's health battle shapes her character's arc in the last seven episodes of the series.

"It really does," the actress said. "I think, again, it's such a fine [line] just threading the needle of how to tell the story, have the balance of what's happening in the '70s, the '80s. They go into the '90s a bunch and then obviously in the aughts. That's all I can say 'cause I don't want to give it away."


The actress again played coy when asked if Tully learns of Kate's diagnosis and lends an olive branch of support. 

"I am under very big lock and key not to reveal anything about the back half, so I can't say anything," Chalke said, adding later that she's optimistic Tully and Kate will find their way back to each other: "That's how walk through life is remaining hopeful, so when I read the scripts, every time one would come into my box, I'd be like, 'What's gonna happen?,' 'cause obviously there's the huge cliffhanger at the end of season 1. But then there's mini cliffhangers that happen sort of throughout the season, so you're constantly going [gasps]."

Whether Kate will come out of this a survivor, Chalke played coy. "Oh, I can't answer that," she teased. "I know all of the things, but that is something that plays out through the last half of the season."


Firefly Lane drops the final episodes Thursday, April 27 on Netflix.