ET Flashback '82: Jeff Bridges


Jeff Bridges' 1982 classic 'TRON' is out on Blu-ray along with its high-tech sequel 'TRON: Legacy,' and we were with Jeff back in the first days of ET as he reflected on his Hollywood family legacy and the domestic box-office disappointment of 'TRON.'

"'TRON,' especially in this country, turned out to be an ad for the video game, which really went through the roof," he said with a laugh. "In Europe and Japan, I hear, it's doing very well. Who knows, maybe it'll come back and do better here. It was a little bit disappointing. You always have high hopes, but usually it works that I really get my jollies off in doing the work, and then by the time [the movie is] coming out, I'm usually involved in something else that I'm really into."