FLASHBACK: Paul Walker on the Set of 'The Fast and the Furious' in 2000

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Furious 7 marks Paul Walker's final film.

In honor of the late actor and the long-running franchise we’re looking back to the year 2000, when ET was with the then-27-year-old actor on the set of the first film in the series, The Fast and the Furious.

“We're all getting along pretty well,” Walker told ET of his fellow cast members. “But you have to keep in mind though, that's what I have to tell you. For all you know, I hate just about everyone here.”

He was kidding of course! Co-star Vin Diesel would soon refer to Walker as his “brother.” The two were so close, Diesel even named his daughter after his late friend.

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Before shooting, the cast was sent to a racing school in Las Vegas, where they learned all the tips and tricks they needed to perform their own stunts.

“They let me do quite a bit of it actually,” said Walker. “There’s actually a rave sequence in the movie -- I'm supposed to drive out real fast chasing after Dom, Vin's character. There's extras just about everywhere and they had me fly out of there at about 50 miles per hour and it was really tight. I was pretty nervous, but I got over it.”

Check out this video for more of Walker and Diesel on the set of their first movie together.

Furious 7 hits theaters April 3.