Florence Pugh Shares Update on 'We Live in Time,' Praises 'Unbelievable' Co-Star Andrew Garfield (Exclusive)

The romance film does not have a release date yet.

Florence Pugh says fans should be more than excited when it comes to her new romance film, We Live in Time, with Andrew Garfield.

Talking with ET's Rachel Smith from the premiere of Dune: Part 2 in New York City on Sunday, the 28-year-old actress gave an update on the highly anticipated film, led by Brooklyn and The Goldfinch director John Crowley. 

"Oh my god, I'm excited about that movie," Pugh tells ET. "That one, we just had the most beautiful time making it -- we made a real story about real people and I got to work with the most unbelievable actor that I feel so honored to be in his presence and shout lines back to him."

The news that Garfield, 40, and Pugh would star in a film together was first announced by Deadline in March 2023, just a week after they presented the award for Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars, and social media immediately started asking for a film starring the pair. 

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The plot details of the project have been kept under lock and key, but StudioCanal -- the producing company -- described it as a "funny, deeply moving and immersive love story" at the time it was announced. The script comes from The Last Letter From Your Lover writer Nick Payne.

On Sunday, the Little Women star kept details under wraps but said she loved making the movie and could not be more excited for fans to see it when it finally comes out.

"I'm just still in love with the process of making the movie, so I hope the people appreciate watching it -- but it'll be here soon," she adds, noting that she doesn't know exactly when it will release or when a trailer might drop. "I don't know, let's ask John [Crowley]."

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One movie she knows a little more about right now: Dune: Part 2. The actress -- who plays Princess Irulan in the second installment from Denis Villeneuve -- called it a "huge honor" to have such incredible roles and films under her belt. 

"I mean, it's a huge honor to be part of such amazing productions and be part of such an amazing set of crew and cast -- it's truly one of those bizarre moments in my life, where I know that I'll never be juggling this much level of pride," she says. "So, yeah, I'm happy to be here." 

In another world, she may have not been able to make it to the New York premiere alongside her fellow cast members -- including Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Austin Butler and Rebecca Ferguson -- as she had to miss the 2024 SAG Awards due to working on Marvel's Thunderbolts

At the awards show on Saturday, Pugh and other Oppenheimer cast members took home the award for Best Ensemble in a Drama Film. 

"I feel so -- I mean -- honored that I’ve been able to basically do the most bizarre press tour for both movies at the same time and I've just started my next movie," she says, referencing the Marvel project, which also stars Julia Louis-DreyfusDavid Harbour, Wyatt Russell, Hannah John-Kamen, Olga Kurylenko and Sebastian Stan.

"But I managed to squeeze this one in, so I feel very grateful that I've managed to juggle all of them at the same time," Pugh adds. 

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Pugh could not help herself from also gushing about Chalamet -- who previously played her love interest in Greta Gerwig's Little Women -- and described it as a pleasure to get to know him and play opposite him again. 

"I've had the luxury of being able to get to know that man -- who I knew as a boy -- and every time I need him and go with him, I get to fall in love with him more and more, and I get to watch my friend become not only just the most amazing actor, but lead sets how it's supposed to be led," she says.

"I think we just all have the utmost respect for each other and we admire each other and it's just been a total love fest this press tour, like a gross amount of love festing," Pugh adds. 

Dune: Part 2 hits theaters nationwide on Mar. 1. 


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