Former 'American Idol' Finalist Nadia Turner Surprised With Daughter's Audition 17 Years Later


The sweet mother-daughter surprise went down during the show's fourth auditions episode Sunday.

These American Idol contestants are keeping it in the family! Former top eight finalist Nadia Turner got the surprise of a lifetime during season 20’s fourth auditions episode on Sunday, after getting tricked into attending her daughter, Zaréh’s, audition, on the guise that they were headed out to enjoy a mother-daughter spa day.

Zaréh, not only competed on the show 17 years after her mother but wore the same gold halter top for her audition that Nadia wore to her audition for the show's fourth season in 2005. Season 4 is the season Carrie Underwood famously won, after going head-to-head with Bo Bice.

With the help of Ryan Seacrest and the American Idol crew, Zaréh was able to fool her mom, blindfolding her and bringing her to the show's set for the big reveal.

Ryan was there to meet Nadia and once he took her hands and said his signature, "This… is American Idol," the jig was up. A stunned Nadia's jaw dropped, and while she was somewhat disappointed at not actually being at the spa, she seemed delighted to reunite with Ryan and watch her daughter walk in her American Idol footsteps.

The audition was an emotional one. As Zaréh belted out her own rendition of Jazmine Sullivan's "Bust the Windows," a giddy Nadia quickly became emotional -- and so did the judges, with both Katy Perry and Lionel Richie getting misty-eyed themselves over the sweet mother-daughter moment.


While the panel was impressed with Zaréh, they had some advice for the 21-year-old stylist, with Luke Bryan telling Zaréh to "gritty it up" and "put some stank and grease on it."

In the end, Zaréh was given the golden ticket, with the entire panel agreeing that she's "going to Hollywood."

Nadia couldn't be prouder, telling the cameras that the sky's the limit for her baby girl.

"American Idol was a journey that had so many plusses, and to see what it does for Za -- I can't wait. Sky's the limit for her," Nadia said.

Season 20 has already been a touching one for the long-running franchise. Sunday night also saw the audition of Haley Slayton, who auditioned while five and a half months pregnant with a baby boy.

She performed Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" for the judges, who all seemed to be on the fence after the performance. 

After some back and forth, Katy asked Haley to sing her backup song, which was Adele's "One and Only," urging her to "fight for it." 

Haley gave the performance her all, belting out the ballad. Based on her impressive performance, the judges all voted Haley through to Hollywood. 

What's more, is that Haley met her husband while trying out for the show. See her inspirational audition and their sweet story in the video below.