Frankie Muniz Teases Boy Band-Themed Dance for 'DWTS' and the Advice He Received From Nick Lachey (Exclusive)

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Frankie Muniz is ready to bust out his best boy band dance moves in the ballroom!

ET caught up with the Malcolm in the Middle star at the Knott's Scary Farm event in Buena Park, California, on Friday, where he teased his upcoming week three performance on Dancing With the Stars.

This week, the 11 remaining contestants will be performing to routines inspired by their ultimate guilty pleasures. Muniz and his pro partner, Witney Carson, will be dancing the samba to *NSYNC's "It's Gonna Be Me," and according to Muniz, it's gonna be difficult!

"My guilty pleasure is that I'm a big fan of boy bands," Muniz, 31, admitted to ET's Katie Krause on the black carpet. "Normally I wouldn't admit that, but you know what? I'm already wearing sequins and dancing in front of millions of people -- I can go ahead and throw out there the fact that I like boy bands! I love the song, and we do do a little breakdown, a little boy band thing in there, but most of it's samba."

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"The boy band thing's a little more in my element than the samba, but my hips just don't move," Muniz, who suffered a serious back injury in 2009 while driving his race car, added. "I'm gonna blame my broken back that that's why my hips don't move, just to warn you guys."

Muniz also revealed to ET that he talked to another competitor for help -- 98 Degrees' Nick Lachey!

"I went up to him the other day and I said, 'My guilty pleasure is boy bands so, like, I need some tips,’” Muniz recalled. "Most of it was just like the points and the nods and the yeses, so I've got [those] down. I just gotta figure out the rest!"

#TeamFranneyPack is coming off a stellar week, as the two were on top of the leaderboard after their Latin Night routine last Tuesday. Muniz said that even though he's had a few days to take it all in, it's "still insane."

"I went into this with zero expectation," he said. "I didn't want to embarrass myself … I've never danced, I'm afraid to dance in front of people, so this is really out of my element. But I've grown to love dancing so much and with Witney, my partner, we're having so much fun."

"I love it," he added, "so I'm glad it's showing and hopefully people will keep voting, so I can keep going because I don't want to stop anytime soon. I really do love it."

And although he's loving the experience, Muniz said all of the intense rehearsals have taken a toll on him, both mentally and physically.

"I love it and I want it, so I don't care," he exclaimed. "I'm putting in the work all day, non-stop. Literally [today], I started at 4:30 a.m. this morning, came straight from rehearsal to [this event]. Like, no break, but it's fine because you get so much satisfaction once you do the dance and once you get it."

"I'm struggling a little this week," he continued. "After last week, being [on] kind of such a high, I don't… I'm just trying to warn you, you know, it's not going so well for me."

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Guess we'll have to wait and see!

Dancing With the Stars airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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